Kayden Gaulden News How Old Was Youngboy When He Had His First Kid?

How Old Was Youngboy When He Had His First Kid?


Over the last half-decade, rapper NBA YoungBoy has catapulted into stardom with his confessional lyrical style and vivid reflections on his turbulent youth. And while still a teenager when he first hit the scene, YoungBoy was already familiar with one defining adult responsibility—fatherhood. This begs the question: How old was NBA YoungBoy when he first became a dad?

YoungBoy was just 16 years old when he welcomed his first child in 2016. Having a son so young profoundly impacted both his life path and musical evolution as he grew up fast in the public eye. Now with an ever-expanding family as his top motivation, let’s explore more around YoungBoy’s early milestone transition into fatherhood.

NBA YoungBoy’s Challenging Upbringing

Long before entering parenthood as a teen, NBA YoungBoy endured substantial adversity in his own childhood. He grew up in poverty in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, surrounded by violence. His family moved homes every few months, uprooting YoungBoy to new schools routinely.

YoungBoy has said this turbulence led him to start making music as an emotional outlet. Despite surviving trauma well beyond his years, music allowed an artistic escape. Channeling struggles into songwriting notably laid the foundations for his budding career by his mid-teens.

Becoming a Father at 16 Years Old

Though already crafting the beginnings of his rap catalog, NBA YoungBoy admittedly had to mature fast upon discovering he’d soon be a parent. When he was just 16 years old in 2016, YoungBoy learned girlfriend Nisha was expecting their child.

On October 15, 2016, Nisha gave birth to the couple’s son, Kentrell Jr. Becoming a father so young forced YoungBoy to rapidly realign his priorities with another life depending on him. Now needing to provide for both Nisha and their baby, his career aspirations became urgently more important literally overnight.

Finding Purpose Through Fatherhood

While initially overwhelming, fatherhood seemed to give NBA YoungBoy’s talents sharper direction right away. Just months after Kentrell Jr.’s birth, YoungBoy kicked his music grind into overdrive—releasing two mixtapes in 2016 followed by another in 2017.

In interviews, YoungBoy has cited his children as his central motivation, the driving force pushing him to succeed. Despite still being a teenager, the rapper embraced this new lifelong role wholeheartedly.

And the vast output of music YoungBoy has maintained annually ever since further shows how becoming a dad lit a fire under the promising young artist.

##Relationships Lead to an Expanding Family

In subsequent years, NBA YoungBoy’s rising fame led to increased attention from women and dating. But rather than settle down, he was drawn into various short-term relationships often resulting in unplanned pregnancies.

By 2022, YoungBoy reportedly had up to eight children by around seven different women. Now 23, he has expressed some regret over the instability this creates for his kids. However, YoungBoy seems committed to breaking negative cycles by being present in all his children’s lives despite past issues with their mothers.

Fatherhood at 16 shifted YoungBoy’s world almost overnight. But through it all, his commitment to his family has kept his career grounded even amidst extreme fame.

YoungBoy’s Life and Music Centered on His Kids

NBA YoungBoy now has enough children to field a basketball team. But along with the challenges supporting all his offspring, the rapper makes sure his kids feel valued through consistent financial, emotional and public shows of support.

He got tattoos of their names and birthday numerology to keep them literally close to his heart at all times. For birthdays, he spares no expense on elaborate parties. And YoungBoy even rented out an entire Baton Rouge water park for a day just for his sons Kamron and Kacey soon after getting out of prison in 2021.

By allowing fans glimpses into his joyful family moments amidst the chaos, YoungBoy broadcasts what ultimately matters most—his devotion as a present, loving father.

Frequently Asked Questions About YoungBoy’s First Child

NBA YoungBoy becoming a teen dad remains a defining aspect of his image. For those still wondering about the details, here’s more context around the youngest rap superstar as a young father:

Q: What is the name of YoungBoy’s first son?

A: YoungBoy’s first child is a son named Kentrell Jr., born in 2016 when the rapper was 16 years old. The mother is Nisha.

Q: How did having a baby as a teenager change YoungBoy’s path?

A: Becoming a teen father motivated YoungBoy to passionately pursue a music career to support his new family. He credits his kids for keeping him focused on success.

Q: Is YoungBoy’s son Kentrell Jr. also a rapper now?

A: Yes, Kentrell Jr. has shown interest in following his father’s musical footsteps. YoungBoy posted Instagram footage in 2021 of Kentrell rapping along to his songs, captioned “like father like son.”

Q: Does YoungBoy have sole custody of his first born son?

A: Custody arrangements are private. But it’s believed YoungBoy shares custody in some form with his first son Kentrell Jr’s mother Nisha, despite their rocky past relationship.

Q: How old were each of YoungBoy’s baby mamas when he had kids with them?

A: The ages of YoungBoy’s children’s mothers are unclear since he rarely discusses them publicly. But reporting suggests most were also teenagers when they had his children.

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