Kayden Gaulden News How Many Kids YoungBoy Have? Exploring His Growing Family

How Many Kids YoungBoy Have? Exploring His Growing Family


Over the past half-decade, NBA YoungBoy has risen to become one of hip-hop’s biggest young stars. With multiple chart-topping albums already under his belt at just 24 years old, his music career continues to reach new heights. However, YoungBoy’s sound isn’t the only way his name stays in the headlines. His complicated personal relationships and growing family also draw intense interest from fans. This begs the question—how many kids does NBA YoungBoy have?

Exploring YoungBoy’s Expanding Family

While NBA YoungBoy has never been married, he has been connected to numerous relationships that have produced children. By most counts, he currently has at least eight biological children by seven different women. However, more recently YoungBoy has suggested he may have as many as 10 total kids and counting.

YoungBoy fathered his first child in 2016 at just 16 years old. Since then, he has welcomed new additions to his family almost yearly as his relationships evolve. Being a father has brought purpose, but also challenges for the young rap star. Yet by his own account, having a large family drives NBA YoungBoy to work hard chasing success in music and business.

Children’s Ages Range From Infant to 8 Years Old

NBA YoungBoy’s oldest child turned 8 this year, while his youngest was just born in 2022. This means the rap star’s children currently range from infant to early grade school age. Here is an overview of YoungBoy’s reported kids and their ages:

  • Taylin (Age 8): Mother Nisha
  • Kamar (Age 5): Mother Jania
  • Kacey (Age 3): Mother Jania
  • Kentrell Jr. (Age 2): Mother Drea Symone
  • Alice (Age 1): Mother Jazlyn Mychelle
  • Child (Infant): Name and mother unknown publicly

YoungBoy has suggested one or both of his 2022 children were sons. But as he tends to closely guard details about the mothers, most information about his latest kids and their gender remains unconfirmed. Still, the rapper seems fully committed to providing for his exponentially expanding family tree.

Relationships With Multiple Mothers of His Children

The mothers of NBA YoungBoy’s reported eight children to date include:

  • Nisha – Mother of Taylin, his eldest son
  • Jania – Mother of Kamar and daughter Kacey
  • Drea Symone – Recently gave birth to son Kentrell Jr., YoungBoy’s fourth kid
  • Jazlyn Mychelle – Mother of YoungBoy’s daughter Alice
  • Unnamed women – Gave birth to sixth child (gender unknown) in February 2022
  • Another unnamed woman bore YoungBoy’s seventh child (gender unknown) in 2022

YoungBoy’s longest and most public relationship was with Jania, mother to two of his children. However, after many breakups and controversial episodes, they finally split for good in 2021. Since then YoungBoy has been connected to multiple women, leading to the new additions to his still-growing family.

YoungBoy’s Dedication to His Kids After Prison Release

In 2021, NBA YoungBoy spent five months in federal prison for a gun charge stemming from a March 2020 arrest. After his release in October 2021, the rap star has emphasized his dedication to his family and being a present father.

YoungBoy spent the first months out of prison bonding with his children and their mothers. He subsequently rented out an Airbnb to throw elaborate birthday parties for kids Kamar and Kacey soon after his release. Fans have also noticed his children’s names and birth dates tattooed on his body as a permanent tribute.

Most recently, YoungBoy suggested he’s considering taking a break from music in 2023 to focus on spending time with his family. This signals that despite his global stardom, his children remain NBA YoungBoy’s top priority moving forward.

Frequently Asked Questions About YoungBoy’s Children

NBA YoungBoy’s non-traditional family life means many fans have lingering questions about his children. Here are some key details.

Q: How many baby mamas does YoungBoy have?

A: So far there are reportedly at least seven different mothers of YoungBoy’s eight-plus children: Nisha, Jania, Drea Symone, Jazlyn Mychelle, and at least three more unnamed women.

Q: Does NBA YoungBoy have daughters?

A: Yes. Two of YoungBoy’s reported eight kids are confirmed daughters – Kacey, 3 and Alice, 1.

Q: Who has custody of YoungBoy’s sons?

A: Custody arrangements are generally kept private. But YoungBoy is believed to share custody in some form with multiple mothers, including Nisha and Jania, mothers of sons Taylin and Kamar.

Q: Does YoungBoy have kids with Arcola?

A: No. YoungBoy and influencer Arcola were rumored to be dating in 2022 and expecting, but a pregnancy was never confirmed publicly.

Q: How many baby mothers see him as an ATM machine?

A: The details on child support deals are private. Financial disputes have made headlines, but YoungBoy has stated that he takes full responsibility for all his children.

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